Culture Bazaar

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Sunday 18th February 2018 11am – 6pm at Richard Rose Central Academy on Lismore Place Carlisle

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A community  extravaganza with aromatic fragrance of world cuisine wafting through the air as you watch the  Chinese dragon dance celebrating Chinese New year!  perhaps its the array of activities from around the world delivered by local ethnic minority heritage who want to show you their culture through their eyes.  Dance, music, games, art are alive in performances,but perhaps you would prefer to have a go at one of the workshops or demonstrations?  

We have a varied ethnic population in Cumbria and as Carlisle is the only city in Cumbria you can expect to brush shoulders with over 60 nationalities that live and work in the city. 

We have active communities and are always looking for more to get involved.  We are a group of volunteers from the community and the principals are simple.  Let;s share our similarities and celebrate our differences through music, dance, art, food & sport.  Let;s have fun and share our culture from African hair braiding to Henna art, Bollywood dance to Zumba.  Food from around the world.  Get involved, perform, do a demo, have a stall or a stand.  Carlisle Culture Bazaar belongs to the people of Carlisle and is a perfect opportunity to be proud of your identity & heritage.  We would be so grateful if you would share it with us.

Volunteers heritage includes, Pakistan, India, Nepalese, Chinese, Bangladesh, Polish, Ghana,

Nigerian, Portuguese, French, Italian, South American and lots more.  

Come and join us. the event is free but feel free to offer donations on the day.  

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